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Fundición Águilas, known today as FA Foundry, was established in 1967 in Monterrey, Mexico.

We specialize in the production of gray and ductile or nodular castings, either raw or machined, and in close proximity to our clients.

We provide creative and profitable solutions that adapt to their business needs and guarantee the highest-quality products with significantly shorter delivery times and at the most competitive prices.

Our facility, with more than 215 thousand square feet, is where highly-trained personnel, cutting-edge machinery, and the most efficient processes will accompany you on a round-trip tour with just a click.

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  1. We produce 1,200 metric tons of shipped product per month with a five-year projection of 2,000 tons per month.
  2. We produce an annual volume of up to 10,000 pieces per part number depending on weight and size.
  3. We service more than 20 international companies in 16 different industries.
  4. We have exported 95% of our production to North America for over 40 years.